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Margot Thigpen

Margot Thigpen Jacobs is a Natural History Illustrator, Botanical Artist and Glass Engraver. 

Margot first studied Botanical illustration in the USA when she wanted to improve her skills for glass engraving. She became passionate about the study and took to the extreme detail required within the art form. Since then, she has completed Botanical Illustration certificates with Lewis Ginter and Newcastle University. She works in watercolor, graphite, silverpoint and ink. 

Margot now divides her time between glass engraving and Natural history illustration. She resides, exhibits and teaches in both Australia and the USA. 

Website: www.margotmay.net  

4 photo(s) Updated on: 29 Apr 2020
  • Steletzia Nicolai, Giant Streletzia
  • Heliconia augusta, Red dragon
  • Bromeliaceae augusta, Bromeliad
  • castanospermum austral, Black bean seed pod

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