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Artwork from left to right: Marta Salamon - Cedrus deodara, Judy Morris - Correa alba,  Julie Holcombe - Xanthorrhoea sp.Artwork from left to right: Sue Stuart - Leucadendron, Janet Matthews - Banksia coccinea, Leonie Norton - Banksia integrifoliaArtwork from left to right: Cheryl Hodges - scarlet golden pippin, Shipra Shah - artichoke, Susan Grahame - crabapplesArtwork from left to right: Cheryl Hodges - Monga Waratah, Nigi Lechner - African tulip, Sue Stuart - orchidArtwork from left to right: Cheryl Hodges - satsuma plum, Leonie Norton - Banksia formosa, Nigi Lechner - waratah

What's Happening?   Would you like to join us?

Go to our online store for beautiful prints, calendar and cards from our very talented members for sale!

BASA also has a marketplace in its online store for members to sell items related to botanical art. Check out the store for good second-hand botanical art books.

Here are some of the prints for sale:

Salamon, Marta - Papaver nudicaule
Salamon, Marta - Banksia grandis
Thomas, Joanna - King Protea
Thomas, Joanna - Hydrangea
Thomas, Joanna - Gum Leaf
Thomas, Joanna - Dying Strelitzia
Thomas, Joanna - Banksia Seed Pod
Stuart, Sue - Magnolia kobus
Stuart, Sue - Helleborus
Stuart, Sue - Richea dracophylla
Stuart, Sue - Eucalyptus globulus - Tasmanian blue gum
Stuart, Sue - Corymbia ficifolia
Stack, Claire - Xylomelum pyriforme
Stack, Claire - Lambertia formosa
Stack, Claire - Hakea platysperma
Stack, Claire - Hakea orthorrhyncha
Stack, Claire - Eucalyptus pyriformis
Skowronski-Malloni, Dolores - Platanus orientalis 'Digitata' & Lorica pilicornis - Ground Beetle
Skowronski-Malloni, Dolores - Platanus orientalis 'Digitata' & Tectocoris diophthalmus - Harlequin Beetle
Skowronski-Malloni, Dolores - Eucalyptus forrestiana
Skowronski-Malloni, Dolores - Eucalyptus caesia
Skowronski-Malloni, Dolores - Corymbia ficifolia
Salamon, Marta - Hydrangea
Salamon, Marta - Cedrus deodara cropped
Salamon, Marta - Amanita muscaria
Pittman, Jan - Spring wildflowers - Perth Hills
Pittman, Jan - Templetonia retusa
Pittman, Jan - Patersonia occidentalis
Pittman, Jan - Hibbertias of the wandoo woodland
Pittman, Jan - Acacia alata
Morris, Judy - Helianthus annuus
Morris, Judy - Eryngium planum
Morris, Judy - Celosia argentea
McNeil, Deborah - Hippeastrum
McNeil, Deborah - Swainsona formosa
McNeil, Deborah - Malus
McNeil, Deborah - Hibiscus schizopetalus
McNeil, Deborah - Caladenia
Hoolihan, Tanya - Tulipa 'Lasting Love'
Hoolihan, Tanya - Tacca chantrieri - Bat Plant
Hoolihan, Tanya - Bromeliad neoregelia sp.
Hoolihan, Tanya - Autumn leaf
Holcombe, Julie - Xanthorrhoea
Holcombe, Julie - Xanthorrhoea with flower spikes
Holcombe, Julie - Xanthorrhoea australis
Holcombe, Julie - Sunflowers and Paper Daisy
Holcombe, Julie - Banksia - 'Art of Conversation'
Edstein, Melinda - Cucurbita maxima
Edstein, Melinda - Callistemon viminalis, Corymbia ficifolia, Grevillea rhyolitica, Alstroemeria psittacina
Edstein, Melinda - Clivia miniata, Clivia miniata var. citrina, Clivia Belgian hybrid
Edstein, Melinda - Capsicum annum
Edstein, Melinda - Guzmania 'Torch', Vriesea hybrid cultivar, Vriesea duvaliana
Caligiuri, Rochelle - Violas and The Millipede
Caligiuri, Rochelle - Pyrus communis, William Bartlett pear. Titled 'Sorrento Pear'.
Caligiuri, Rochelle - Eucalyptus pauciflora, Australian Snow Gum Leaf. Titled ‘Hope’.
Caligiuri, Rochelle - Corymbia ficifolia 'Summer Glory'. Titled ‘Sculptural View’.
Boxall, Fiona - Lake Ginninderra mistletoe
Boxall, Fiona - Mallee rose
Boxall, Fiona - Forest floor with moth
Boxall, Fiona - Elkhorn at Murramarang
Boxall, Fiona - Canberra orchids
Bogoyevitch, Marie - Eucalyptus conferruminata
Bogoyevitch, Marie - Brachychiton populneus immature pods
Bogoyevitch, Marie - Brachychiton populneus flowers and mature pods
Bogoyevitch, Marie - Banksia integrifolia
Bogoyevitch, Marie - Allocasuarina verticillata
Allen, Beverly - Wollemia nobilis
Allen, Beverly - Tulipa 'Orange Princess'
Allen, Beverly - Stenocarpus sinuatus
Allen, Beverly - Nelumbo lutea
Allen, Beverly - Corymbia ptychocarpa x ficifolia

The beautiful full-colour catalogue is available for sale for A$20 including packaging and postage within Australia by clicking below.

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