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Artwork from left to right: Marta Salamon - Cedrus deodara, Judy Morris - Correa alba,  Julie Holcombe - Xanthorrhoea sp.Artwork from left to right: Sue Stuart - Leucadendron, Janet Matthews - Banksia coccinea, Leonie Norton - Banksia integrifoliaArtwork from left to right: Cheryl Hodges - scarlet golden pippin, Shipra Shah - artichoke, Susan Grahame - crabapplesArtwork from left to right: Cheryl Hodges - Monga Waratah, Nigi Lechner - African tulip, Sue Stuart - orchidArtwork from left to right: Cheryl Hodges - satsuma plum, Leonie Norton - Banksia formosa, Nigi Lechner - waratah

Upcoming Exhibitions

    • 6 Aug 2022
    • 24 Sep 2022
    • Bega Valley Gallery

    Artistic Endeavour: Contemporary botanical artists’ response to the legacy of Banks, Solander and Parkinson marks the 250th anniversary of the HMB Endeavour’s voyage along the east coast of Australia. Scientists Joseph Banks and Daniel Solander, together with illustrator Sydney Parkinson, gathered and recorded many “curious plants (they) met with on shore”.

    Artistic Endeavour heads South

    The regional tour of the exhibition Artistic Endeavour: Contemporary artists’ response to the legacy of Banks, Solander and Parkinson is well underway with our artworks moving around the country in secure, purpose-built crates.

    All aspects of the touring program are overseen by Prue McComish, our tour manager at Museums & Galleries Queensland (M&G QLD). The Botanical Artists’ Society of Queensland is fortunate to have the support and mentoring of this peak exhibitions touring agency, from the exhibition’s early planning stages up to the delivery of this major tour. Significantly, they have guided our successful grant applications for the initial funding from Arts Queensland to develop the exhibition at Redcliffe Museum in 2020, to the highly competitive Visions of Australia funding for the tour.

    One of the notable features of the touring program is that, at each venue, the staff need to adapt the exhibition to their gallery spaces. The curators, Beth Jackson and Dr Nita C Lester, worked with M&G QLD staff to develop the tour manual, that outlines the eight exhibition themes to guide the placement of artworks and didactic materials. 

    At each venue, the grant funding covers the costs for a curator tour and workshop. A number of the exhibiting artists put forward a selection of workshop topics from which venues choose. The exhibition and events have met with much interest in the communities to which it has travelled.

    For information on the exhibition https://botanicalartqld.com.au/artistic-endeavour-page/

    For information on the touring program http://www.magsq.com.au/cms/page.asp?ID=10568

    • 6 Aug 2022
    • 27 Aug 2022
    • Scot Livesey Galleries, 610 High Street Prahan 3181

    John Pastoriza-Pinol works articulate a delicate balance between natural history and contemporary art practice, it is a commitment to painting as both a method and as a form of deeper inspection.

    The Botanicum Series was a project undertaken following the success of Pastoriza-Piñol’s first solo exhibition in London 2006. This series of exhibitions would syncopate a lengthy art career and allow the artist to return to the genesis of his art practice with renewed skill and vision. Unlike the treatise offered to a Florilegium, a collection of plants from a particular garden or place site, the Botanicum Series is typically a collection of intimate studies of plants and natural history with a more contemporary art feel. These would be subjects the artist has an affinity towards or which have captured his attention.

    This new body of work reveals a noticeably conscious shift by Pastoriza-Piñol with the composition of the flower/ plant portraits. The meticulous rendering, coupled with the acrobatics of the subject matter, presents a maturation in skill and accentuates the tension between the beauty and perfection of the specimens depicted and their symbolism.

    Pastoriza-Piñol endeavours to recrudesce similar subjects depicted in his first series. This is a recapitulation of with more complex studies that pursue a subversive narrative with floating objects, lack of shadows and his use of negative space. This hyper-representation of the natural world with its Cerulean blues, Perylene Greens, Vanadium Yellows and Quinacridone Reds, creates a new contemporary reality.


    • 2 Sep 2022
    • 29 Sep 2022
    • Cowra Japanese Garden and Cultural Centre, Cowra, NSW
    Registration is closed

    This BASA exhibition will be held at the Cowra Japanese Garden and Cultural Centre, NSW.

    Spring is a beautiful time at the Gardens and it is hoped that members will take advantage of this and submit works particularly of plants that are  in these Gardens.. A plant list is available here.

    Small works are defined as works in frames less than 45cm x 45cm..

    Entries are now open for members of BASA and will close on 5 August 2022.

    The Information for Artists is available here.

    Entry has two parts:

    the Artwork Submission Form and the Registration and payment.

    • 16 Sep 2022
    • 3 Oct 2022
    • Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne

    Registrations for one of Australia's most prestigious botanical art exhibitions, 'The Art of Botanical Illustration' (TABI), are now open. Detailed information for prospective artists and the registration process may be found at 'Information for Artists' on the TABI website.

    The 16th biennial exhibition of TABI hosted by the Friends of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne (FRBGM) will be held from 17 September - 2 October 2022. It will be a hybrid exhibition, presented in the Galleries of Domain House, Melbourne and as a virtual exhibition, online.

    TABI 2022 will be a highlight of the Friends of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne 40th anniversary celebrations.

    In addition, TABI 2022 will coincide with the 7th Global Botanic Gardens Congress, being hosted by the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria (RBGV). The FRBGM are delighted to be able to support the RBGV in this event by collaborating with the Vienna School of Botanical Illustration in hosting an exhibition of artworks from botanical artists associated with six of the botanic gardens represented at the Congress. This exhibition of European artworks will form part of TABI 2022’s virtual exhibition.

    TABI 2022’s association with the Friends’ 40th Anniversary celebrations and the Congress provides many opportunities to promote the exhibition and the artists to a wide and diverse audience, both locally and internationally.

    If you have any queries which have not been addressed in the 'Information for Artists' please do not hesitate to email the TABI 2022 team at


    The Friends of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne look forward to receiving a large variety of beautiful artworks for selection, before 1st August 2022, for this very special TABI 2022 exhibition.

    • 29 Mar 2023
    • 2 Apr 2023
    • Royal Exhibition Building, Carlton Gardens, Melbourne

    The Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show is set to transform the Carlton Gardens once again from Wednesday 29th March to Sunday 2nd April 2023.

    BASA will again be a part of the Art Societies exhibition on the Gallery level of the Royal Exhibition Building. Entries will open at the end of the year.

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