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Cassandra Hodgins

In 2007 Cassandra became interested in botanical art while attending a short course in Botanical Illustration, then followed several years of tutoring by inspiring artists.  Botanical art fed her passion for the environment as well as her obsession with details.  Cassandra’s preferred medium is watercolour and coloured pencil for botanical art, she also enjoys pastels, pen and ink, scratchboard and eco-printing of natural leaf prints on paper and fabric.

Through her artwork she hopes to bring awareness to the viewer to appreciate the small and precious things in nature and the need to protect them.



4 photo(s) Updated on: 15 Mar 2023
  • Adenium in pastels
  • Pear in pastels
  • Sarracenia leucophylla in ink
  • - pararistolochia praevenosa and ornithoptera richmondia in watercolour

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