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Edwina Keene

Edwina has worked as an illustrator in publishing for over 40 years, covering diverse subject matter. She now specialises in botanical illustration and, although she has worked extensively in gouache, ink and graphite, she is particularly drawn to watercolour, for its vibrancy, spontaneous organic quality and luminous properties enabling transparent layer-building.

Edwina has taught the foundations of art and design in various Australian schools and colleges, including Billy Blue College of Design, and has an MA in Art Therapy, which she practised for several years.

In 2018 Edwina exhibited work at the Society of Botanical Artists in UK, attaining a Distinction and Award of Excellence with their Distant Learning Diploma. Her botanical illustrations are featured in several Readers Digest publications as well as Allen & Unwin, Weldon Owen and Harper Collins. She works from her studio in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney.

Website: edwinakeene.com 

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Hydrangea, Petunia, Blackberry

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