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Artwork from left to right: Dolores Skowronski-Malloni - Corymbia ficifolia & Eucalyptus caesiaArtwork from left to right: Harriet O’Donnell - Cymbidium ‘Golden Elf’, Leda Turner - Aeonium arboretum, Ann Hodgkinson - Telopea Shady Lady RedArtwork from left to right: Sharon Field – Banksia integrifolia, Angela Lober – Waratah, Linda Lunnon – Flannel flowersArtwork from left to right: Thea Clark – Sunflowers, Mary Ann Mein - Daucus carota - Wild carrot seed head, Lee  Machain - Amaryllis AmoreArtwork from left to right: Tanya Hoolihan - Strelitzia nicolai, Brenda Haas - Corymbia ficifolia, Maura Chamberlain - Richea dracophyllaArtwork from left to right: Halina  Steele - Syzygium suborbiculare, David Reynolds - Banksia serrata, Lynne Uptin - Hakea laurinaArtwork from left to right: Heather Simkin – Pumpkin, John Pastoriza Pinol – Mangosteens, Rochelle Maree - Sorrento pearArtwork from left to right: Frances Spain – Chinese elm, Sandra Cumming - Eucalyptus rhodantha - pink rose mallee, Joanna Thomas - Dahlia hybridArtwork from left to right: Andrew Carr - Eucalyptus conferruminata buds, flowers and gumnuts

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Next BASA Exhibitions

Entries are open for BASA members to register for the Framing Nature exhibition to be held at the Mary Cairncross Reserve in Maleny in September. Entries close on August 1.

The CanAssist Southern Highlands Botanical Art & Illustration Prize exhibition at The White Cottage, Retford Park, National Trust, 1325 Old South Rd Bowral NSW will be open to the public Thursday to Sunday each week from 18 July to 25 August 2024.

Go to our online store for beautiful prints, calendar and cards from our very talented members for sale! Here are some of the prints for sale in our online store:

Freemantle, Catherine - Tulipa
Freemantle, Catherine - Hydrangea macrophylla
Freemantle, Catherine - Daucus carota
Freemantle, Catherine - Hyacinthoides non-scripta
Salamon, Marta - Papaver nudicaule
Salamon, Marta - Banksia grandis
Thomas, Joanna - King Protea
Thomas, Joanna - Hydrangea
Thomas, Joanna - Gum Leaf
Thomas, Joanna - Dying Strelitzia
Thomas, Joanna - Banksia Seed Pod
Stuart, Sue - Magnolia kobus
Stuart, Sue - Helleborus
Stuart, Sue - Richea dracophylla
Stuart, Sue - Eucalyptus globulus - Tasmanian blue gum
Stuart, Sue - Corymbia ficifolia
Stack, Claire - Xylomelum pyriforme
Stack, Claire - Lambertia formosa
Stack, Claire - Hakea platysperma
Stack, Claire - Hakea orthorrhyncha
Stack, Claire - Eucalyptus pyriformis
Skowronski-Malloni, Dolores - Platanus orientalis 'Digitata' & Lorica pilicornis - Ground Beetle
Skowronski-Malloni, Dolores - Platanus orientalis 'Digitata' & Tectocoris diophthalmus - Harlequin Beetle
Skowronski-Malloni, Dolores - Eucalyptus forrestiana
Skowronski-Malloni, Dolores - Eucalyptus caesia
Skowronski-Malloni, Dolores - Corymbia ficifolia
Salamon, Marta - Hydrangea
Salamon, Marta - Cedrus deodara cropped
Salamon, Marta - Amanita muscaria
Pittman, Jan - Spring wildflowers - Perth Hills
Pittman, Jan - Templetonia retusa
Pittman, Jan - Patersonia occidentalis
Pittman, Jan - Hibbertias of the wandoo woodland
Pittman, Jan - Acacia alata
Morris, Judy - Helianthus annuus
Morris, Judy - Eryngium planum
Morris, Judy - Celosia argentea
McNeil, Deborah - Hippeastrum
McNeil, Deborah - Swainsona formosa
McNeil, Deborah - Malus
McNeil, Deborah - Hibiscus schizopetalus
McNeil, Deborah - Caladenia
Hoolihan, Tanya - Tulipa 'Lasting Love'
Hoolihan, Tanya - Tacca chantrieri - Bat Plant
Hoolihan, Tanya - Bromeliad neoregelia sp.
Hoolihan, Tanya - Autumn leaf
Holcombe, Julie - Xanthorrhoea
Holcombe, Julie - Xanthorrhoea with flower spikes
Holcombe, Julie - Xanthorrhoea australis
Holcombe, Julie - Sunflowers and Paper Daisy
Holcombe, Julie - Banksia - 'Art of Conversation'
Edstein, Melinda - Cucurbita maxima
Edstein, Melinda - Callistemon viminalis, Corymbia ficifolia, Grevillea rhyolitica, Alstroemeria psittacina
Edstein, Melinda - Clivia miniata, Clivia miniata var. citrina, Clivia Belgian hybrid
Edstein, Melinda - Capsicum annum
Edstein, Melinda - Guzmania 'Torch', Vriesea hybrid cultivar, Vriesea duvaliana
Caligiuri, Rochelle - Violas and The Millipede
Caligiuri, Rochelle - Pyrus communis, William Bartlett pear. Titled 'Sorrento Pear'.
Caligiuri, Rochelle - Eucalyptus pauciflora, Australian Snow Gum Leaf. Titled ‘Hope’.
Caligiuri, Rochelle - Corymbia ficifolia 'Summer Glory'. Titled ‘Sculptural View’.
Boxall, Fiona - Lake Ginninderra mistletoe
Boxall, Fiona - Mallee rose
Boxall, Fiona - Forest floor with moth
Boxall, Fiona - Elkhorn at Murramarang
Boxall, Fiona - Canberra orchids
Bogoyevitch, Marie - Eucalyptus conferruminata
Bogoyevitch, Marie - Brachychiton populneus immature pods
Bogoyevitch, Marie - Brachychiton populneus flowers and mature pods
Bogoyevitch, Marie - Banksia integrifolia
Bogoyevitch, Marie - Allocasuarina verticillata
Allen, Beverly - Wollemia nobilis
Allen, Beverly - Tulipa 'Orange Princess'
Allen, Beverly - Stenocarpus sinuatus
Allen, Beverly - Nelumbo lutea
Allen, Beverly - Corymbia ptychocarpa x ficifolia

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BASA also has a marketplace in its online store for members to sell items related to botanical art. Check out the art storage drawers now for sale as well as good second-hand botanical art books.

The beautiful full-colour catalogue is available for sale for A$20 including packaging and postage within Australia by clicking below.

Calendar of Botanical Art Events

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