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Sybille (Nigi) Lechner

My mother, Marianne Seemann, was an artist in Vienna before the Second World War; it was from her that I inherited my great love for the visual arts.

As a child and teen, I did much painting and sculpting, but my ‘art’ was somewhat interrupted by a long career as an academic at the University of Sydney. It was not until I retired in 2001 that I was able to focus, once again, on my painting.

My particular interest is in Botanical painting, which combines the strict technical rigour of Science with an appreciation of the natural, innate beauty of plants.

My teachers and mentors have been Marianne Seemann, Barbara Goldin, Elaine Musgrave, Beverly Allen and Barbara Duckworth.

I have sold Botanical works in Austria, Canada and Australia. I have exhibited at Botanica, BASA, Canberra and Nutcote.

2 photo(s) Updated on: 19 Nov 2019
  • Allium cepa - Spanish onions
  • Eustoma russellianum - Texas bluebell

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