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Dr Nita C Lester

Nita held the position of President of the Botanical Artists’ Society of Queensland for many years and is a botanist, academic, artist and publisher.

The recent touring exhibition ‘Artistic Endeavour’ was Nita’s initiative and she held the ‘oversight’ position throughout the tour of over two years.

Nita is consulting professor at the University of Newcastle in fine arts and botany, she  has lectured in botany and education at Griffith University,  tutored in botanical art at University of Queensland, Myall Park Botanic Garden, Maroochy Botanic Gardens and Mapleton Library and Community Centre. 

Since 2002, Nita has held the office of gallery coordinator for the Myall Park Botanic Garden and was active with the programme of the Queensland Arts Council (1990 – 2001). 

Studies:  Nita holds a Bachelor of Science: Genetics 

                                      Bachelor of Education: Science, Art and Geography 

                                      Bachelor of Arts: Art History 

                                      PhD in Science (Botany) from Monash University 

                                      PhD in Educational Leadership from Griffith University. 

Art awards:  2016 and 2019 Winner, International Adobe Graphic Design Award 

                      Sunshine Coast Art Competition 2018 Divisional Winner

Website: www.nitaclarelester.com  



4 photo(s) Updated on: 19 Jun 2023
  • Abstract water lily
  • Grevillea juncifolia ink on paper
  • Kennedia rubicunda colour pencil on paper
  • Passionfruit, ink on paper

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