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Susan Lyon

Susan has worked as a graphic designer for several years and has various qualifications in Applied Arts. An artist from a young age, Susan's journey has explored just about every type of form and mark-making. She spent several years concentrating on acrylic painting and has exhibited and sold work in that medium. 

Susan had been told that watercolour was very difficult to master and completely unforgiving, so had left it alone. However, in June 2020 in the midst of COVID imposed solitude, and searching for an artistic outlet she found a beginners weekend workshop called Exploring Small Birds in Watercolour at NatureArt Lab - Kristen O'Keeffe made watercolour fun and accessible.

Having caught the bug, (watercolour not COVID) Susan did a more in-depth course, Introduction to Botanical Art with Chris Meadham, where she heard about and subsequently joined the Australian National Botanic Gardens Botanical Art Group.

Susan is just starting out, but already has a feel for capturing colour truth and delicacy of detail in botanical art that can only be delivered via the watercolour medium.

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