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Jung Ai Han

Jung Ai Han majored in Visual Arts and she started her botanical art due to her desire to express the flower’s pure beauty more realistically. In fact, her detailed paintings of flower enthusiastically display great accuracy and amazing technical degree of completion. Furthermore, she dissolves various emotions such as dream and love, happiness and misfortune, joy and sadness, thankfulness and delight, hope and despair into her works.

Jung Ai Han has had over 10 invitational solo exhibitions in Germany, Japan, Australia and South Korea. She also has participated in many world art fairs, such as the German Köln Art Fair, which is one of four world’s famous art fairs, and Singapore Affordable Art Fair, where her botanical arts were sold over 5000 dollars per each work.

Jung Ai Han has been awarded several art prizes and her works are held in many collections including private collections.

She is also a  member of the  Korea Botanical Art Association. She is a very active artist globally.

Excerpt from Hang Seop Shin ( an art critic)’s critic of Jung Ai Han’s Art–

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Echinocereus pentalophus

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